I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and want a healthier life

Question: Hi! New member here, female 47. Until now I have only used Fitbit which shows resting heart rate and HRV, but will switch to Garmin. My resting heart rate is approx. 80. I have been measuring HRV for a few months and my HRV is consistently around 10-11. I am in very poor shape and function as I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I eat healthy and stay away from alcohol. My condition does not allow me to try cold showers, exercise, etc. What do you recommend doing?

Answer: Hello! Unfortunately, this is a common problem these days. I expect that you have been examined for other causes of the condition, as it has been concluded with ME. I would first take an extended test for food intolerance. You can to take a urine test as well. . It is important to rule out food intolerance as part of the cause.

Usually there is a complex issue behind such a situation. An HRV of 10–11 reflects the severity. When you get the new watch, you will be able to more easily perceive the factors that make you less stressed. You will probably have few “blue” periods that show the parasympathetic state. But it pays to identify the days with the least stress and get an overview of what you did on those days.

Through the Garmin Connect app, you will be able to see what your fitness level is measured in VO2 max. You can use that to adapt movement to your level. In your situation, you should have a watch that shows training capability, even if you may not think of light walks as exercise. With chronic fatigue syndrome, the limit for getting lactic acid is significantly lower than in others. Lactic acid will entail a much greater need for restitution. In order to get out of this, it is probably still necessary to increase the physical capacity through movement. You will see the degree of effort on the individual activity when you log the session on the watch.

. . . You can post your curves in The Main Arena, both daily curves and period curves, and with the most precise possible description of the days. The goal of this preventive health social site is to help each other.

I wish you good luck!
Regards, Dr. Torkil