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Take charge of your own health with measurable actions. Let´s get better together! Please check out this webinar and listen to these podcasts.

– Dr. Torkil

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Imagine if there was an instrument that could measure your stress level and show you exactly how much strain your body can withstand, and which was also cheap, portable and easy to understand. This is neither a distant dream, nor too good to be true. The tool exists, and in the book THE PULSE CURE you learn how to use it!

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We have created the social website for you, who, together with others, want to understand and take control of your stress balance in order to live healthier. Learn from each other’s measurements and findings, participate in workshops and discussions, ask the doctor questions in the blog – and join groups that suit you and your fields of interest.


Healthier work-life

As an employer, you know that the benefits are many when the employees’ overall health is improved. But how? Specifically,  it is about learning to play with our physiology through accessing the autonomic nervous system. We offer companies safe, simple and practical tools that we know work to promote health.

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It is more fun, easier and far cheaper to play on the team with our health, than to first deal with it when the illness is a fact. Our workshops are held by leading capacities in a number of health-related topics with a focus on preventive medicine. Welcome to inspiration, knowledge and good tools for a healthier life.

Snippets from the blog

As a member of, you have the opportunity to submit questions to the blog. Here, Dr. Torkil, and occasionally other experts in this field, answer questions about heart rate variability, heart rate monitors or how the autonomic nervous system works, as well as lifestyle and health. The inquiries that have the most relevance for the greatest number of people are selected. Take a look at some snippets from the blog.


The social website is all about preventative health. Together we learn from each other. Useful content is continually provided by experts and members. As a member, you become part of a thriving learning arena:

Get your well-being, your willpower and your mental and physical health ready for a reboot.

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We are very proud of, and we look forward to having you join us in this sharing and learning arena. Take measurable steps and become the boss of your own health. Together we get better!


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