A healthier life at work

“Employees who feel that the management is concerned with them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied. Happy employees mean happy customers, which leads to profitability.”
– Anne M. Mulcahy, former CEO of Xerox Corporation

Every company manager knows that ill-health costs in several ways, and that healthy people at work are invaluable. Taking responsibility for the health of employees is fortunately required by law, but it is not always so easy to know what measures you as a manager should take. At pulskuren.no, we cheer and work for a healthier life for everyone. The goal is surplus to cope with both working life and everyday life in a better way. With the help of Pulskuren’s lifestyle measures, which can be measured with heart rate monitors, much of what stresses us can be identified and avoided. It is important to use our energies on what helps us going forward.


– 40 per cent of employees experience exhaustion.
– 20 per cent have symptoms of burnout, according to a survey by McKinsey .


As an employer, you know that the benefits are many when the employees’ overall health is improved. But how? Concretely, it is about learning to play on a team with our physiology by gaining access to the autonomic nervous system. Dr Torkil calls it “our inner, living fossil”. This system is ancient, far older than man as we know him today. The autonomic nervous system controls and ensures that a wide range of functions in our body run as they should in any situation, whether we are awake or asleep. In primeval times there was no need to understand or consciously follow this. But today’s modern society bears little resemblance to the world in which this nervous system was developed millions of years ago. The stress our predecessors faced was of a completely different kind to the stress we now have to deal with on a daily basis.

Today, we greatly benefit from access to information from the autonomic nervous system to understand what affects us in constructive and destructive ways. This is how we learn to make well-informed choices, which in turn enables us to live in a stress balance that is healthy. Too stressed, we should and must. Stress is also not by definition wrong or negative. It is the balance that has gone awry for many, and this is exactly what we are working on at pulskuren.no. For companies, Pulskuren’s business package will help to raise productivity, reduce health costs and stimulate the well-being of employees.

We offer companies safe, simple and practical tools that we know work to promote health. Many of your employees probably already have a smart watch that can be used in Pulskuren. Those who don’t have one don’t really need to get one either. By following the advice they pick up from their smartwatch-wearing colleagues, they go a long way. We learn that even those who have such a smart watch are probably not aware of the potential of this tool. When used consciously, they are a good, health-preventive aid towards better health and performance. Our company package can be adapted to each individual company so that it suits you as best as possible.

The tools are simple and will lead to a lifestyle change. Implementing small, daily habits towards a more sustainable life, both physically and psychologically, has major ripple effects. Taken together over time, they actually lead to a complete turnaround and transformation into the functioning human being we were made to be! In a community where sharing and learning are the focus, each individual employee can take action on their own health. They can be as active as they want, and there is of course no requirement to provide personal health information. Competence in own preventive health is strengthened through membership, workshops and lectures with resource persons in the various areas where there is a need – be it with Dr. Torkil or others we bring in.

Many companies have already realized the benefits of a forward-looking and preventive corporate health culture and made use of Dr. Torkil’s knowledge sharing (below you can see a selection of these).


A healthier lifestyle means a healthier workplace. Dr. Torkil receives daily messages in his inbox from people who thank them for the tools that the book Pulskuren and the social website for preventive health, pulskuren.no, have given them. Not only are they low-threshold and firmly rooted in research, they also give each of us a large degree of control over our own health. People who have applied the lessons learned in Pulskuren report radical improvement, which makes us even more motivated to spread this into the corporate market.


Online: Lecture of 1 hour + 30 minutes Q&A + Follow-up workshop of 90 minutes after 2 months. Price: $ 2900.
Package solution with discounted books and thepulsecure.com membership as desired.

Physical lectures: Lecture of 1 hour + 30 minutes Q&A + Follow-up workshop of 90 minutes after, for example, 2 months. Price: Please use contact form. We will come back to you.
Package solution with discounted books and thepulsecure.com membership as desired.


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