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It is more fun, easier and far cheaper to play on the team with our health, than to first tackle it when the illness is a fact. The workshops we offer here at thepulsecure.com are held by leading capacities in a number of health-related topics with a focus on preventive medicine. These experts inspire and empower you to take more control over your own lifestyle. You get knowledge and tools for a healthier, fresher life.

What is a workshop?
We are keen to practice both horizontal and vertical learning. What is this? Vertical learning is from expert to participant. Horizontal learning is from participant to participant. There is a lot of good knowledge among you, and we want to make maximum use of these resources. Therefore, a workshop first consists of a lecture from the expert, before the participants are divided into small groups for discussions. The groups then take their most important questions back to the plenary for discussion with the expert. This, we have experienced, provides good knowledge sharing and immediate learning.

You don’t need any prior knowledge
Are you interested in gaining insight into how your internal body functions, your physique and your mental health are connected? Do you want to learn how to use various tools for a healthier life? Then the Pulsecure workshops are for you. Whether you’re new to it or advanced on your health journey, you’re most welcome!

NB: Due to privacy regulations, the events will not be recorded.

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