Electric heating blanket: Thumbs up or down?

Question: Heating with an electric heating blanket in bed before bedtime: I have used it for the last 3 nights, and now I wonder if that is the reason why the body battery is only a little over 80 in the morning (100 usually) and HRV 58–60 ( 66–88 usually). Can lying in a well-heated bed lead to lower HRV and body battery than usual?

Answer: Hi, so interesting! It may well be that you have observed correctly. It may seem that it is better to be slightly cold than warm at night for optimal recovery, even though it may be perceived as more comfortable to be slightly warm. It probably comes from the fact that we have been evolutionarily colder at night, even in Africa, where our basic physiology was developed before we migrated to even colder areas 50,000 years ago.

Here you can read an article about temperature and sleep: https://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/features/cant-sleep-adjust-the-temperature

So 15-18 degrees is recommended in the bedroom and that is also my own experience. If the duvet is too warm, there will be even more stress. As he writes: If someone told me that they slept in a temperature between 21 and 24 degrees, I would say that it is an area that promotes insomnia. It’s “toasty”.

So maybe the explanation lies there. I’ve heard a lot of raves about the Eight sleep pod. It is a cooling sheet system: https://www.eightsleep.com/eu/pod-cover/

Maybe someone here at thepulsecure.com has tested this? Please tell.

Regards, Dr. Torkil