Does anxiety drain the Body Battery?

Question: Hello. If you have general anxiety, could that be the reason why the body battery is being drained at record speed? My watch shows that I always end up down to 5 early in the day. I have fibromyalgia and anxiety.

Answer: Hello! Yes, that could certainly be a reason. But as we can see from the curve, you have good charging at night, which is very good. Perhaps you should try some calming breaks where you do breathing exercises during the day? If you don’t exercise, it might be worth trying to jog for half an hour at a leisurely pace a couple of days a week. It can improve anxiety symptoms.

Try to look at daily stress levels and find the days with the lowest and highest scores. Try to see what is typical for those days, so you can adjust your days more towards those with low stress levels. You may discover unexpected things. I myself had a high stress level for hours after eating marzipan sweets. I had never imagined that before I started measuring. Good luck finding your “marzipan candy”. What we can identify, we can address.

Regards, Dr. Torkil