Bordering on burnout condition

Question: How to reverse a negative trend? I have been measuring HRV since Christmas, but during the last week the measurements have become very bad. I charge almost nothing at night, even though I’ve slept 8-11 hours. In the past I’ve seen blue resting curves when I work, read, after a cold shower and when I’m fasting, but now it’s orange across the board. I am a relative of both children and parents with physical and mental illness, and suspect that stress + emotional strain has sent me into this state. I am physically healthy, just had my blood pressure measured and blood tests taken. Do I just accept that this is life right now and keep following the advice until I see blue curves again? Or is there something else I can do to “hack” the body?

Answer: Hello dear!
It’s great that you pay attention to what your body is telling you. Many people experience, like you, that it feels good to be aware of developments when the results are good and difficult when things go the wrong way. After all, life is winding and most of us will have periods with measurements that are worse than we would like. It sounds like you have a heavy load overall. It is also exciting to reflect a little on what it was that gave you such good readings. When there is a lot of stress and red readings, it is often a sign that it is extra important that you take care of yourself. Hacks you can use are micro-pauses with deep breathing and grounding. Maybe a cold shower also would be good? The body’s cortisol level drops when you are in nature, so quiet walks in the fields or in the mountains can help. The same applies when drawing, listening to music or dancing.

Find out what you like and treat yourself to a little extra care.

Lots of luck. Sincerely, Dr. Ragnhild