The episode was published on April 10 2024

Measuring Heart Rate Variability for Stress-Less Living

Dr. Torkil Færø is a noteworthy Norwegian physician with 25 years of dedicated practice under his belt, having cared for 50,000 patients, roughly 1% of the national population. His career has been marked by an inquisitive nature, questioning the roots of health and sickness in the context of Norwegian life. Describing his work as an “adventure,” Dr. Færø’s approach is holistic, closely examining the lifestyle factors that influence well-being.

In this episode, Dr. Færø shares the touching catalyst behind his health transformation journey and unveils the secrets of his bestselling book “The Pulse Cure,” now making waves in Norway and soon to be released in the United States. Discover how he utilizes tools like Garmin watches, the Oura ring, Whoop band, and a CGM for comprehensive health monitoring to unlock invaluable data for managing wellness.

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