Total crisis

Question: Help. All my measurements are completely wrong. Where do I start? I have read your book, but my sleep is not getting any better from any of the measures. My measurements were perfectly fine until I went for a 15 minute walk uphill. After that, everything went downhill.

Answer: Yes, here it looks like you have a nervous system like many others who contact me. When there is as much stress as this, the first order is to realize and accept the situation as it is, and understand that such a tangle will probably take quite a while to get under control. It is the level of stress during the day that makes it so difficult for the body to sleep effectively. Another suggestion is to be patient, at least if you don’t have an obvious stressor that can be easily cut. For example snuff, alcohol or overtraining which can quickly change such curves. In your case it sounds like there is a longer way to go. A frustration with the situation will only make the process more difficult. In fact, my impression is that those who struggle with such levels of stress also have an intensity in their level of frustration that is higher than that of others. Set yourself long-term goals and work on one thing at a time. Identify when you sleep well and have calmer days and try to explore what has been the cause. We are now in the process of creating the Pulskuren health diary which will help in this process. There is a separate group for those who want to be part of a test group for this. Feel free to join here:

Of course, I need more information about your everyday life to give more precise advice, but if you post baskets and tell about your day, you will get answers both from me and the other wise minds on the site here.

Sincerely, Dr. Torkil