Polarized results from the watch

Q: I’ve been using the watch for a while now, with very polarized results: Between 90-100 in sleep score most nights. But during the day I am above 75 in stress almost continuously. Sometimes lower, but I am never in the blue zone. And I really mean never. I guess my question is whether the stress level is harmful to my health over time despite very good sleep recovery? Will be very grateful for an answer!

Answer: Hello dear! So good that you sleep so well. Sleeping well is one of the most important things for recovery and resilience. I’m a bit curious about what you do during the day, since your stress score is so high. From a health perspective, it will be exciting to see if you can train to help your body achieve a lower stress score throughout the day.

For example, by taking short micro-breaks several times a day. During the breaks, you can treat yourself to a good stretch and breathe deeply in and out several times.

I am also wondering if you feel the stress in your body throughout the day? It could be that you are on autopilot a lot and forget to feel for it. If you don’t feel the stress, I recommend trying out the bodyscan to get in touch with the body. You can find many soundtracks on Spotify.

Lots of luck!
Sincerely, Dr. Ragnhild