Active Membership


Active membership is for those of you who wonder if is for you. You therefore get a 3-week trial period for only NOK 30. After that, the trial period automatically switches to Active annual membership, if you do not choose to end this before the end of the trial period. 21-day trial period for NOK 30. Favorable discount on workshops. join health journeys As an active member, you are now in the process of taking measurable steps and becoming the boss of your own health. Congratulations! Together we get better. With this step, you are on your way to improving your well-being, your willpower and your mental and physical health. A fresher life, quite simply. We hope you will find membership in useful, social and educational. Terms Price: NOK 199 per year. If you do not wish to continue your membership, you must terminate this yourself before the membership expires. We’ll send you an email when it gets closer. All transactions on are carried out encrypted via our payment provider Stripe. No card information is stored on our server. Remember to check carefully that your email address is correct. If you do not receive confirmation of your paid membership by e-mail, check your spam folder. Do you have problems? Contact us here. Fresh greetings from team The Pulse Cure❣️

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